About Us

Hi! My name is Katherine Schutte and I am the President of Magical Castle Vacations. I lead a team of amazing travel professional super heroes that make magic everyday for families just like yours. Our goal is to make your travel easy and as stress free as possible.

Not all vacations are created equal. You could go to any number of websites to book your travel. But did you know that almost all of the online booking travel sites are actually owned by only 2 parent companies? Their sites are designed to convince you that you are getting the “best deal” when what they really are offering you is a “cheap trip”. A cheap trip and a great trip are rarely the same thing. Those sites don’t match you with the best vacation for you and their “unbiased reviews” are suspect at best. Let’s face it, those online photos make every hotel look great but the reality can be quite different.

How do you know what is a great choice and what could be a very bad decision? Quite simply, you don’t. That is a big gamble to take with your hard earned vacation time and budget. Even worse, if you run into a problem when you are travelling, you will be calling an overseas call center that is filled with people who have never been to your destination.

So how are we different? At Magical Castle Vacations, we are real travel agents, located in the United States. You will have a dedicated agent who will listen to all of your vacation wishes, ask thoughtful questions, and match you with just the right fit for your vacation. There is no one-size-fits- all-trip and the best vacation is rarely the one for the cheapest possible price (there, I said it).

Your agent has years of experience booking travel and we travel to the destinations that we sell. We aren’t guessing when we recommend a destination or hotel……we are experienced experts who match you with the right vacation for you, not someone else. We know that your vacation is special and we will treat it that way. If you run into problems on your trip, we are here to help. You are not a number to us; you are our valued customers.

You can choose your personal travel professional by going to www.MagicalCastleVacations.com or click here to send us a message.