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Hi, I’m Nugget and I love to travel to all kinds of places but especially to Disney World, Disneyland and on Disney Cruises.  I consider myself lucky to have stayed in just about every Disney hotel, eaten at almost every restaurant, and experiences every attraction at Disney World and Disneyland along with sailing on all four Disney Cruise ships.

My travels have also taken me to Hawaii where I got to stay at Aulani (and before you ask, yes, it was as spectacular as it looks) and other hotels.  I have enjoyed travelling to many islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, as well as all over the United States including Alaska.

When I can’t actually be travelling, I like writing about travel too. Although, I admit, every time I start to write…I end up day dreaming about my next trip and that sidelines my writing. (note to self, more writing, less daydreaming)

After years of posting on other people’s blogs, I finally decided to start one of my own so here I am.  I hope you enjoy my slightly rambling thoughts and the occasional rant or two.

The newest posts will be right on the home page so you can always see the most recent stuff at a glance.  Dig through the archives or categories to read more.  I would love to hear your comments so there is a place after each article where you can share your thoughts with our world.

Before I forget, please sign up for the Nugget Newsletter so you get new articles, money-saving tips and discounts delivered to your inbox.  It is really easy, just fill out the box with your email address on the left side of your screen.  If you don’t see it there, you can click on the three little lines on the top left of your screen to find it.  I promise not to spam you or sell your email address.  That’s just not nice and it is not how I roll.  (you can trust me, I’m a cartoon character)

I’m looking forward to being your travel guide.  Please leave me your comments.  I would love to hear what you think too.


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