Pop Secret is Popping into Disney Parks

There is something about the smell of popcorn greeting me on Main Street that says, “You have arrived!”  Many Disney enthusiasts have some sight, sound or smell at Walt Disney World that is their personal you-have-arrived-at-your-happy-place-moment.  For some, it is driving under the iconic Walt Disney World sign.  For others, it is when they see the sign for their resort.  For me, that moment is when I smell the popcorn on Main Street.  Popcorn has been a part of my Walt Disney World experience for as long as I can remember.

Diamond Foods, owner of Pop Secret popcorn, announced that they entered into an alliance to become the official popcorn of Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks. Pop Secret popcorn will soon be served from the popcorn carts at all Disney theme parks.

Pop Secret will also be the title sponsor of the Fantasmic! show at Hollywood Studios.  As of right now, Fantasmic! is not on the show schedule for February or March.  As a result, there has been a lot of speculation online that Fantasmic! would be discontinued.  The news of a sponsor indicates that Fantasmic! will be sticking around which is great news. If you have not seen Fantasmic!, I highly recommend it.

Diamond Foods also announced that they will be advertising on Disney owned channels and offering Disney related promotions and sweepstakes.

Please visit our sponsor. They keep us in Dole Whips and churros.

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