Andy’s Room

On September 10, Disney filed a permit for Andy’s Room to be built in the Tomorrowland area in the Magic Kingdom.  This is exciting news!

The filing is very short on details.  The description sketch shows a building that has the same shape as Space Mountain with Andy’s Room located in the area where the Tomorrowland Arcade used to be.  The permit says that Andy’s Room will be 15,714 square feet.  Andy apparently has a very large room.
You can see the filing for yourself by clicking here.

Does this mean we could actually walk inside Andy’s Room?  Because I have to say that sounds like a lot of fun.  Imagine if you could actually pick up the toys or sit on a carpet and play a game in air-conditioned bliss.  Could it be that Disney is moving the Toy Story character meet and greet to an indoor location instead of being in front of the Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin attraction?  That idea holds a lot of merit in my book.  Many characters have permanent, indoor meet and greet locations.

Will Space Mountain riders exit right into Andy’s Room or will the exit queue for Space Mountain lead directly outside?  So many questions, so few answers at this point but it is fun to think about what might be on the horizon.  Take a look at the filing…..what do you think it will be when it is complete?

Please visit our sponsor. They keep us in Dole Whips and churros.
Please visit our sponsor. They keep us in Dole Whips and churros.

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