When is the best time to go to Disney World?

Over the years, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what was the best time to go to Disney World, well…..I would be going to the World with a lot more nickels!

“Best time to go” depends a little on your family situation.  For some families, the best time to go is when the kids are not in school.  For some, going at Christmas time is best because seeing the holiday decorations on the top of their list.  Not surprisingly, Disney World is busier and more expensive when the kiddies are out of school so I have to say, those are not the times I would recommend.  Again, it really depends on your circumstances.  Work and school schedules often make the decision for you.

Simple Mickey Math :
lowest crowds=lowest prices
highest crowds=highest prices
It doesn’t really seem fair that when the parks are crowded, you have to pay more to be there but that is how it works.

So what if you are not at the mercy of work or school schedules?  If you have your choice of times, I would consider the “best time to go” when the crowds are as light as possible and the prices are lower than other times of year.  Here is my list for 2016:

1) In September after the week that includes Labor Day: Since school just started in most states, the crowds are usually low.  Weekends in the last two weeks of September is usually the Epcot Food and Wine Festival which can increase attendance in that park.  I recommend you visit Epcot during the week but the other parks should be relatively slow these weeks.

2) The week before the week that includes Thanksgiving:  Not the week of Thanksgiving….the week before that.  If you are lucky, you will see a few holiday decorations going up but don’t expect it to be in full swing yet.  Get out of dodge by the Friday before Thanksgiving or expect to be stuffed into the parks.  (see what I did there? A little play on turkeys and stuffing)

3) The first two weeks in December: Since a major school holiday is right around the corner, families don’t want to take kids out of school during these two weeks.  That makes this time a prime time to go.  Even better…..the holiday decorations are up so you get to experience holiday glitter, music and excitement without holiday crowds.

4) The weeks in January that do not include a holiday: Avoid the week that includes New Year’s Day and the week/weekend that includes Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Other than that, January is pretty low traffic.  Bonus that the temperatures are cool which tends to keep away the crowds.  Not a bonus if you were looking for some pool time since it can be too cool for some folks.  (not me, if I am at Disney, I consider it to be summer no matter what the temperature is outside)

5) The first two weeks of February up until Valentines: Valentine’s Day/President’s Day is a high crowd time at Disney World but if you are out of there before that day, or that weekend, that is a tranquil time.  Well, at least as tranquil as Disney World can be anyway.  Again, the weather is cool which can keep away the big crowds but it may not be pool weather for you.

So what do you think?  When is your favorite time of year to go to Disney World.

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