Taste Track

For those of you who have never heard of it, Taste Track is a small kiosk located near Test Track (nice play on words Disney, kudos) in Epcot.
It is a tiny walk up place with a few tables and chairs nearby. I would swear this kiosk was a popcorn stand in the past but don’t quote me on that one.  In any case, the kiosk could be easily missed as you are running to Test Track for your first ride of the day.

Now that I said that, don’t miss it.  No really, don’t run on by because there is a certain amount of ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness going on inside this kiosk that is more than it’s outward appearance conveys.  The kiosk opened in June, just in time for my most recent visit.  It is not every day that I get excited about grilled cheese sandwiches but believe me when I say, these were worth a little excitement.

They offer a roasted chicken salad which was good, filled with romaine lettuce (which is always better than iceberg if you ask me) with apples, cheese, decent tasting chicken (albeit a little rubbery for me), raisins and pecans.  They also offer tomato bisque which is not my thing but if it is your thing, I was told by my companions that it was pretty tasty.

Now that I said that, let me tell you the real reason to eat here…..they serve everybody’s favorite comfort food….grilled cheese sandwiches.  But these are not your ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches.  They had one with Canadian cheddar cheese, apples and apple butter served on cinnamon raisin bread.  I am drooling as I remember what it tasted like.  Rounding out the small menu was a sourdough bread with Gruyere, bacon and onions sandwich and one with Fontina cheese, tomato and basil.  All good choices but I am very partial to the apple one on the cinnamon bread.

There was also a basic grilled cheese on wheat for the little ones and the usual line up of soft drinks.  This location also serves Magic Hat beer and Sam Adams Boston Lager which my husband tells me perfectly complimented his sandwich.

Tell us about your tasting adventure at Taste Track in Epcot in the comments below.

This is an advertisement for our sponsor who keeps us in Dole Whips and churros so please consider clicking so we can get some pixie dust!
This is an advertisement from our sponsor who keeps us in Dole Whips and churros. Please consider clicking so we can get some pixie dust!

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