6 Reasons to Love Be Our Guest Restaurant

The Be Our Guest Restaurant was part of the expansion of Fantasyland and opened in late 2012.  Since then, it has been one of the most popular restaurants at Disney World and it does not seem to be slowing down in that respect.  Getting a reservation, and trust me, reservations are definitely required, is just as hard to get now as they were when the restaurant first opened.  Yes, it really is that popular.

So what is it about this restaurant that makes it such a prize to score a reservation there?  Here are our top 6 reasons:

1) Be Our Guest is located in a castle-  Let’s face it, it is not every day that one gets to eat in a castle (unless you happened to have been born into a royal family) so, yeah, eating in a castle is pretty darn tootin’ cool!  The only other place you can do this at Disney World is at Cinderella’s Royal Table so it is special even by Disney standards.  This is Beast’s Castle by the way, not Belle’s Castle in case you weren’t sure.  I am going to have to say it again….eating inside a castle is a very cool experience.

Exterior of the Be Our Guest Restaurant
Exterior of the Be Our Guest Restaurant

2) The theme on the inside- While we are talking about the castle, let’s talk about how the theme has been carried inside because it has and in a big way.  The interior of the restaurant has been split into three distinct areas, The Library, The West Wing and the Grand Ballroom.  Each hints at  a piece of the overall story and has its own charm.
The Library shows off photos of Beauty and the Beast together in various parts of their story along with a large music box with the famous couple dancing on top.
The West Wing is dark and highlights the drama of the story.  There is a thunderstorm raging outside the windows, a painting of the Prince clearly ripped up in anger by the Beast (watch to see what happens, I won’t ruin the surprise) and the rose, losing its petals.
The Grand Ballroom is the biggest of the three rooms and shows off grand chandeliers, an alfresco painting on the ceiling and snow falling softly outside of the windows.

Be Our Guest Restaurant- Library Room
Be Our Guest Restaurant- Library Room

3) They serve wine and beer Be Our Guest is the only place inside the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol.  Ok, so maybe drinking is not at the top of your list of theme park experiences but a girl can have a glass of wine or two with dinner, right?  Mickey would approve.  Alcohol is only served with dinner.

4) They now serve breakfast, lunch and dinner Since Be Our Guest is the most popular restaurant in the park, this means more reservations have opened up which means that yours truly is more likely to get one!  (doing the happy Disney dining dance)  Disney recently announced that breakfast is now a permanent offering.  Breakfast and lunch are quick service but reservations are highly recommended.  Dinner is considered a table service meal.  Disney dining plans are accepted at all three meals.

Be Our Guest Restaurant breakfast menu
Be Our Guest Restaurant breakfast menu

5) The Beast just might make an appearance The Beast often makes an appearance at dinner (but not breakfast or lunch).  He does not come around to the tables like at other character meals but you can stop by to see him after dinner in the ballroom.  He will sign autographs and pose for photos.  Do not count on this though because Disney does not consider this to be an official character meal.

Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom
Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

6) The food This one gets a lot of mixed reviews. People either seem to love it with a passion that keeps them coming back over and over or shaking their heads unable to figure out what all the hype is about.  Very few people seem to fall in the middle of these two extremes.  Personally, I fall in the first camp.  The menu is very limited but what is there works for me.  The potato leek soup and grilled strip steak with garlic herb butter have become my go to meal there for dinner.  I am also a fan of the chocolate cream puff for dessert.  If they do not bring you “the grey stuff” automatically with dessert (they almost always do), make sure to ask for it.  You have to try it at least once!

Have you eaten at the Be Our Guest Restaurant?  Did you love it or were you not impressed?

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This is an advertisement from our sponsor who keeps us in Dole Whips and churros. Please consider clicking so we can get some pixie dust!

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